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MSXdev24 #04 Whack ‘Em Smack ‘Em Byrons

MSXdev24 #04 Whack ‘Em Smack ‘Em Byrons

Title: Whack ‘Em Smack ‘Em Byrons

Genre: arcade
Author(s): JessCreations
Medium: ROM 32
Hardware requirements: MSX, 16KB

It’s arcade pandemonium when Byron, the baby bear, receives a jolt from a game machine, spawning countless mischievous digital clones! Thwack them soundly with the PEEK-0 hammer, but be careful not to hit the butts or bombs! Challenge your reflexes and wit in this classic Whack-a-mole variant.

Initially designed for ColecoVision and SG-1000, the game Whack ‘Em Smack ‘Em Byrons was later adapted to the MSX standard by the author, Jess. The game was developed using the design tool CV Basic and the art tool Aseprite, giving it the authentic feel of an arcade game.

Give a Byron a tap on the noggin and poof, he’s gone! However, give him a smack on the rear and watch your points disappear. Also, watch out for those crafty bears in the later lavels, who pack a punch with bombs. One wrong move and boom, it’s game over for you. Use the 8-directional keys and press space to swat when a Byron appears. Oh, and there’s a quota you need to meet, or you have no choice but to try again.

The download comes as a ROM compatible with all MSX models and includes a user manual. For additional 8-bit entertainment, visit Jess’s website at

Source: MSXDev24