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Roguish [VIC-20]

 A little rogue-like game for unexpanded VIC-20! by Marco Giorgini

 Roguish [VIC-20] 

After years of research, you've found the entrance to Goblin Mountain, and now more gold and jewels lie before you than you can possibly imagine. Oh yes, the mountain is full of goblins too, and they won't let you take their treasures without a fight, but that's never stopped a true adventurer before, has it?

How far and how much gold can you get?

Use joystick or WASD+shift to move and fight.


- Unlimited random rooms, generated in random order from templates with random items, with increasingly numerous and dangerous goblins (up to 6 enemies per room/level).

- Combat system uses attack (shield) and defence (sword) abilities (yours and your opponent's) to calculate damage.

- Enemies use hunt / random walk