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MSXdev23 #18 Attack of the Petscii Robots

 MSXdev23 #18 Attack of the Petscii Robots 

Title: Attack of the Petscii Robots
Genre: Strategy
Author(s): Robosoft
Medium: ROM 2MB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, V9990, OPL4

There once was a home computer named Commodore Pet, popular but not as much like his younger brother. During recent years, the 8-bit-guy had the idea to create a game for the system using the ASCII font of the Pet. The game was called Attack of the Petscii Robots. With permission of the author, Robosoft ported the game to MSX. But this time not using the default font…

So, ladies and gentlemen, since the gorgeous looking 2018 edition’s Dreams Puzzle, we can finally welcome another entry that uses the V9990 display cart. Game studio Robosoft, no stranger to MSXdev, took a leap of faith and exchanged his usual MSX1 standard based game set-up for a much higher spec’d one. This time around, it’s still MSX1 but with V9990 video and OPL4 sound extensions. The game Attack of the Petscii Robots is, as the author calls it, a strategy and exploration game.

Your goal in this one, is to infiltrate the settlements and destroy all of the robots. The trick, however, is finding all of the right tools and learning how to use them to complete that task. Exploration ahead, indeed. The manual doesn’t give any more clues than this, so it’s up to you to discover the secrets that this entry holds.

Source: MSXdev23