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Marvin the Mole - Episode 1 - -ZX Spectrum-

 by Alan

Marvin the Mole - Episode 1 -  -ZX Spectrum- 

"Gremlin's Monty Mole is something of an unofficial Spectrum mascot"

The premise is simple, guide Marvin to his other friends in the shortest number of moves possible


Marvin the Mole - Episode 1 'rap sheet':

  •  No loading screen :(
  • Limited music.
  • Marvin's friends are randomly coloured and it is quite possible to have a green mole on a green background making him almost impossible to locate. Is this little wheeze the whole reason for this game I wonder? Or at least it's mole theme?* 
  • Marvin's friends are randomly dotted around the screen, meaning that even if I get the best route possible I am not guaranteed a high score.
  • So the game, and its scoring systems are pointless and flawed - I suspect quite deliberately!
  • Because of these limitation it stops feeling like a game, and more or a little joke played at my expense - but that is alright, as it appears to be half the point of this little compo.

Download, here