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Hol-Rock Smeg-thesiser -ZX Spectrum-

Curious Crap Game Competition by Jim Waterman 

 Hol-Rock Smeg-thesiser -ZX Spectrum- 

Jim: "I've devised a system to totally revolutionise music. I've decimalised it. Instead of the octave, it's a decatave. And I've invented two new notes, H and J. Now it goes... do-re-mi-fa-so-la-wo-bo-ti-do... do-ti-bo-wo-la-so-fa-mi-re-do. Hol-Rock: it'll be a whole new sound. All the instruments will be extra-big to incorporate my two new notes. Triangles will have four sides, piano keyboards the length of zebra crossings... of course, women will have to be banned from playing the cello".


 This program *can* run on 128K models, but *must* be used in 48 BASIC as it uses UDGs T and U that will show up on the screen as SPECTRUM and PLAY in 128 BASIC, wrecking the screen layout. Even then, the pitch of the notes will be slightly different due to the timing difference on these machines.

Source: CSSCGC2023