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MSXdev23 #06 Mad House


Title: Mad House
Genre: Platform
Author(s): Gamecast Entertainment
Medium: DSK 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX2, 128KB, MSX-Music


In the MSX2 platform game Mad House, you’re a thief set out to rob the titular house. That’s right, steal from the rich to get rich yourself. No Robin Hood-esque altruism here – just plain greed. Enjoy the latest from MSXdev regular GameCast.

If you ever wandered through a museum, wondering how all those treasures on display made their way to those scaffolds and showcases, you won’t be surprised to learn that half of it is just stolen goods. The color of money is still red, after all. And plundering jewels and gold from old Egyptian tombs is a sin not taken lightly by the spirits of those ancient dynasties. Revenge is nigh, so your job is to steal those treasures and return them back to where they belong.

Sneak in, grab the loot and split. Easy-peasy for a professional thief, you’d think. Well… perhaps. Perhaps not. Find out for yourself, as the mansion you’re robbing is infested with nasty beings such as mice, cats, guard dogs and other pests. They don’t call it a “mad house” for nothing! Steer the thief around with the usual controls like cursor keys and spacebar. Observe the behavior of the different enemies and make strategical use of the many stairs in the building to evade them. Snatch a bag, and drop it in the escape car, one by one. When you’re done, visit the next house.

Mad House is the latest offering of Italian developer GameCast and features MSX2 screen 5 pixels accompanied with MSX-Music tunes and PSG sound effects. The whole package comes in .dsk format including a short English and Italian manual.

Source: MSXdev