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Magic Staff -ZX Spectrum-

 By Frederick352


Frederick352, uno de los desarrolladores más peculiares para el ZX Spectrum y resto de microodenadores, tiene nuevo trabajo: Magic Staff. Este título tiene el "estilo" Frederick, aunque tal vez la jugabilidad sea menos Fredrick...

Magic Staff -ZX Spectrum-

Frederick352: "Short dragon32 open world adventure game. You need to find a treasure magic staff and game completed. And dangers are cars, travellers and on graveyard ghosts will attack you. If you visit bar you can see magicians twins who will show you magic trick. Watch game page for future updates such as secondary quests. The goal is to find magic staff and you need find items and friend to remove 3 obstacles. Secondary quest this time is to find a sword. You can also visit museum, your apartament or watch ufo on right location. For not used in quest items (statue as example)  you can simple place it at main character's  home just like in home building games. 

And don't forget verify my other games which have a lot of updates such as redefinable keys, possibility to play online, bugfixes and other stuff".

Uno de los autores más queridos y admirados desde la redacción de SpectrumAndRetro NEWS.