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AmtixCPC Micro Action issue 2 now available

 Retro Fussion Books

AmtixCPC Micro Action Issue #2 - AmtixCPC Magazine - Fusion Retro Books

Issue 2 of AmtixCPC Micro Action is now available from Retro Fusion Books at a price of £3.99 excluding shipping costs, featuring contributions from Novabug, Xyphoe, Zoë Kirk-Robinson and Simon Butler. Among the features in issue 2 are a review of Puzzle Bobble and an interview with its developers, Crazy Piri, a look at the top three games from the recent #CPCRetroDev 2021 contest and an interview with its organiser Fran Gallego, Simon Butler's opinions of some CPC artwork, and the usual reviews of new Amstrad CPC games and a couple of classic games. 

Source: Retro Fussion Books.