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Hundred Fires (Best Metal Gear style game EVER) -Windows-

 By David Amado Fernández

Hundred Fires (Best Metal Gear style game EVER) 

Hundred Fires is an action and infiltration game with an exciting story and incredible cinematics created by David Amado Fernández.


In the middle of the cold war, the Soviet Union is sending nuclear weapons to Cuba, this time they have an ally, a mysterious Japanese developer of nuclear weapons has arrived on the island.

Your mission has a single objective, to assassinate the Japanese developer.


This is a one man infiltration mission, you alone cannot defeat the entire Soviet army, you must use your best skills to hide, sneak away from the enemy and go undetected.

You must use your infiltration skills, hide in remote places, not make noise, use different items to advance in your adventure, you will also find action moments, a variety of weapons and strategies to fulfill your mission


You can access training missions and live an exciting story with important historical figures.

Download here (3.00 €)