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Dream Walker -ZX Spectrum-

 Written by Gareth Pitchford


Gracias a los amigos lusos de Planeta Sinclair, hemos descubierto esta nueva aventura de texto para el ZX Spectrum, Dream Walker, en pleno desarrollo y versión beta para descarga.


Dream Walker -ZX Spectrum-

8bitAG: "In the depths of the night the Dream Walker roams the world, fixing dreams so children can sleep peacefully..."

Dream Walker is currently in beta as a PAWed text adventure for the ZX Spectrum 48K. The first part of the game is a shorter, tutorial section that serves as an introduction to the game world. Parts two and three are longer. None of the parts are password protected but it is recommended that they be played (and completed) in order.

Versions for other platforms to follow later.

Dream Walker (2021) - ZX Spectrum 48K - PAWed Beta Version.

Fuente: 8bitAG.