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Dragon Blaster -Sega Master System-

 By haroldo-ok

Dragon Blaster

In this shoot-em-up, you control a dragon; you have 3 types of power-up: lightning, fire and wind. You can also combine different types of power up for different shots, that is, lightining + lightining. lightining + fire and so on.

For now, this game is still on a prototype stage.

Weapon combinations Dragon Blaster:

  • Basic: Lightining, Fire, Wind
  • Combinations:
    • Thunderbolt (lightining+lightining);
    • Hellfire (fire + fire);
    • Tempest (wind + wind);
    • Firebolt (lightining + fire);
    • Thunderstorm (lightining + wind);
    • Firestorm (lightining + wind).