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Metal Slug Vs. Double Dragon -Abandoned Project-

By RadFred 

 Metal Slug Vs. Double Dragon 

RadFred: "Ever wanted to see what a 2D shooting game would be like against enemies that just want to beat you with their naked flesh? This is your chance!

This fusion of two beloved series brings to life the action you always dreamed of, play as Marco Rossi from Metal Slug as you fight through the streets of Double Dragon shooting every shirtless man in sight. Non-stop arcade action awaits!".


"How is this even possible? Why is some random italian guy murdering unarmed men? Does the mix between two random unrelated games that weren't even in the same console generation work? How does this not have a copyright takedown already? Play the full game when its available to find out!

Not patient enough? Try the Extremely Short Demo now!".


This project is mostly abandoned. If you wanna see something cool though, you can check out our upcoming game here :

Download, here.