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MSXdev21 #15 – PickinX -MSX-

 By Amaury Carvalho

PickinX -MSX-

  • Title: PickinX
  • Genre: Labyrinth, maze
  • Author: Amaury Carvalho
  • ROM size: 32KB
  • Registered: 20210512


Pickin’X is the MSX clone of the similar named 1983 arcade game.

With gameplay loosely based on the original game developed by Valadon Automation in 1983, in PickinX you are the Picker and need to get all of the like-colored blocks into their matching places. Al this while avoiding the enemies “Transporter” and “Killer”.

If you get hit by the Transposer, he will capture you until you press the joystick button or space bar. When hit by the Killer, you will get game over immediately. During the game, the Disturber will randomly capture some blocks and move them from their original places. Hitting him will not harm you, but he can’t be stopped so pay very close attention to his behavior.

There is a time limit to complete each stage (named “Act”). Complete it in time and you will get more time in the next round.

Source: MSXdev.