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Evercade VS - retro multiplayer console announced

 Cooperative gaming

Evercade VS

Blaze Entertainment has announced its new brainchild, the Evercade VS console, designed for cooperative gaming.


• Responsive D-Pad, designed to feel like classic consoles 

• Mini HDMI port for TV, bringing retro action to your TV in HD. Dual Speakers for pure gaming sound quality. 

• 4.5 hour battery life with rechargeable USB Port.

The new Evercade VS can have up to four players simultaneously. The new Evercade controller helps to expand the capability of games with all the great features of the handheld with its highly acclaimed D-Pad and four button X/Y/A/B controls and new expanded bumper controls with L1/L2/R1/R2 to support 90s controls schemes. 

Pre-orders for the console will open May 28 at official site - priced from $100, €100 or £90. More expensive bundles with additional gamepads and cartridges are expected.