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Briley Witch Chronicles -C64-

Briley Witch Chronicles is a Japanese-inspired RPG for the Commodore 64, based on the Briley Witch series of novels by Sarah Jane Avory



  • Japanese-inspired RPG, with full-screen scrolling.
  • Hours and hours of gameplay (16+ with normal play).
  • Story-driven, following the plot of the first four Briley Witch novels.
  • Turn based combat, also with cats! And cats can learn new skills...
  • Gather ingredients to make powerful potions.
  • Lots of characters to talk to.
  • Supports 2-button C64GS or compatible joysticks.
  • Can be played entirely with a one-button joystick.
  • Save/load to either cartridge or disk.
  • Includes a full manual.
  • PAL and NTSC compatible.
  • TheC64 Mini & Maxi compatible.
A full blown title for Halloween

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